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From click rates to likes content creators have access to more data than ever before, but can you actually measure the ROI of content? In part this seems like a right-brain versus left-brain conundrum, marrying data with something as creative and non-linear as content creation. The best approach is to become specific about your content goals and create data-driven criteria that can illustrate success. This way you won't get lost in the data and leave room to be creative. For more insights on this topic check out this article from Simply Measured.

Social Media Attribution: Is This Really a Problem?

Like many marketers, I've been reading a lot about attribution lately.  Attribution has become a hot topic as marketers try to make their data more insightful. But is attribution the answer? And will it ever be easy? Yesterday, I read an interesting article called "Digital Attribution: The Unsolvable Problem". In it, author Lewis Gersh posits that attribution is an unsolvable problem because it's impossible for marketers to give "sole credit to one particular aspect of your marketing." The article stuck with me because I'm a data geek, but I also lead a creative team. In many ways, I agree with what Gersh said. Our constant search for a game-changing metric can absolutely hinder our ability to think creatively, but I'd also argue that data-driven marketing frees creative marketers, allowing them to focus on a broader creative vision and more interesting campaigns. Marketers can't afford to separate data and creativity.   Moreover, I believe that attribution is essential to our process

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