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Strategy - Dec 16, 2016

The Place of Video Within A Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing through the medium of video has exploded in recent years and is still on a sharp incline. Any forward-thinking business should include video in their content marketing strategy in order to retain their relevancy.

With the introduction of Facebook Live, the world of content marketing has been opened up to a new means of direct-to-audience communication, and it looks like the practise of broadcasting live content directly into the platform is soon due to become more widespread than messaging through text, which goes to show the potential that video holds.

But creating engaging video content is not just about having the right equipment and knowing where to share - there are many guidelines to follow that can help your videos have a lasting impact on your target audience, including writing a transcript of the video's message to help with SEO:

So before you embark on creating meaningful video content to drive engagement to your brand, consider the impact that the medium is having in the realm of content marketing, and the value that can be attributed to a well-considered video content strategy:


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