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Sep 21, 2015

This is the second instalment of The Content Scope, a bi-weekly infographic series that brings you fresh, in-depth data for a new industry vertical. Our goal is to help you create only the most relevant content for your space and nail down a distribution strategy that will work for your audience, not just any audience.

How do we do it? We’ve partnered up with the talented folks at Epictions to mine and make sense of all this data. Be sure to check out our first post for more info, and head over to Epictions to get instant beta access to their all-in-one tool!

This week, we’re taking on the steadily-growing industry of eCommerce. Whether you are a marketer creating content for new merchants, or you are an entrepreneur trying to drive sales and traffic to your online shop through content marketing, we’ve collected all of the relevant data to help you get there.

The State of Content for eCommerce

In the last 30 days, 4,800 links to eCommerce content have been shared, amounting to 715K shares, 204K likes, and 32.6K comments.

The most performing articles have inherently helpful themes like eCommerce strategy, optimization, and improving sales. The majority of the shares (57%) take place on Twitter, which makes it the channel with the biggest amplification effect (LinkedIn accounts for 29% while Facebook garners 14%).

Interesting note: For video and audio content, a whopping 56% of the shares happen on Facebook, even though the social network is the least amplifying when it comes to articles and text-based formats (links to the top 5 audio and video content in the full report below).

If we take a closer look at Twitter, we can glean even more insight: Twitter users in the eCommerce space have a higher preference for articles in the 500-2000 words category, making up 67% of the shares.

The top 10% of the eCommerce Twitter community tends to tweet 10-13 times a day. More than 75% of the tweets contain links to content while less than 10% of the content is self-promotional.

BONUS: Believe it or not, the infographic covers only a portion of the available data. For the complete report on the eCommerce space, download it for free below!


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