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The Medium is the Message: How Typeform uses content and product to reinvent online recruiting

Typeform is about one thing: Forms done awesomely. The startup delivers beautiful, functional forms that are easy to create and user friendly.

Visiting Typeform’s website for the first time, you’ll notice you’re channeled straight into the heart of their product offering: creating a form. Do you need an elevator pitch, flashy graphics, or reams of marketing copy when you can show your value add up front, and actively engage users in experiencing it?

The same holds true for Typeform’s jobs site: Use your medium, make it your message, and show - don’t tell. This content philosophy translates into a savvy hiring strategy, with some clear benefits:

  1. Visitors to the site are prompted to dive right in and engage with the content, rather than a more typical browsing experience that plays out like this: quickly look around, and then...leave. This type of immediate engagement seems destined to boost the number of applicants.

  2. People know what they’re signing up for: Stepping through the application using the Typeform product offers both a sense of what the company does, and how they do it; in other words, the method to their madness. This may help boost the quality of applicants - those with no interest or aptitude in using the Typeform product are likely to opt out of the process altogether.

  3. Using their own medium allows Typeform to gather better data. The forms gather the information Typeform needs, in a standardized format. They can potentially sort the applicants based on how well they use the product while applying, as well the time it took to answer the questions. Then, they can apply time-saving automation to rank and reach those prospects.

  4. Beyond utility, the look and feel of the application - as well as Typeform’s willingness to put their product to work for recruiting - says a lot about the company’s culture. Sure, they could have penned long-winded paragraphs about their company culture. Instead, Typeform shows you they’re innovative and straightforward. They cut to the chase: here’s what we do. Go ahead and try us. They demonstrate their belief in their product by using it to recruit their future employees.

What’s fascinating is how Typeform’s medium is their message, and also the purest expression of their brand. The content and product go together hand in hand. It’s simple and brilliant. Content marketing, user engagement, sales, and hiring, all rolled up into one elegant and easy-to-use form. 


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