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Sep 21, 2015

The Content Scope #1: Personal Finance Management

More often than not, we come across content marketing blog posts that provide super general “hacks”. The headline usually promises sensational results, but by the time you get to the end of the article, you realize that the tips are too high-level to apply to your strategy directly.

The problem with general prescriptions is that they are just that: general. While there are several objective truths to how effective content marketing should be done, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every company in every industry. And even if such a content marketing Snuggie existed, it’ll never deliver the up-and-to-the-right results we all shoot for.

Custom prescriptions = Granular data

But here’s an objective truth that we can all agree on: take advantage of the data. Whether that’s just a quick keyword search on Buzzsumo or getting into the nitty-gritty with Google Analytics, we all know that there’s a lot to gain from looking into the data before getting into the actual content.

The issue is: data is hard to mine, and data is hard to understand.

Introducing a new series to combat data fatigue

We’re incredibly excited to partner up with our good friends at Epictions to bring you The Content Scope, a bi-weekly project that will tackle a specific industry vertical to deliver deep insights into the content, channels and community you are after.

Curious to know how the data is wrangled?

Epictions monitors the social web 24/7 to discover popular content and people for all topics of interest. But it doesn’t just spit out a list of successful content based on social metrics like shares and likes. With some complicated math and techwizardry, the platform guzzles gazitabytes of data and delves deep into the makeup of the content such as word count, reading level, sentiment, format type, and (way) more.

And it doesn’t stop there. The information is then cross-analyzed with network and channel data to give you a comprehensive overview of what works where with who. Every single link to popular content and their sharers on Epictions’ radar gets qualified and assigned trackable attributes to measure relevance, engagement, and value.

So what’s the first industry we’re hitting?

The first instalment of The Content Scope is all about personal finance management. If you’re creating content around investment, retirement planning, wealth structuring and the like, this infographic covers the most relevant information to your industry (you’re welcome).

BONUS: Believe it or not, the infographic covers only a portion of the available data. For the complete report on the personal financial management space, download it for free below!


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